Corporate Wellness Programs By Victory Rehab

Wellness programs have become an essential means of improving the health and performance of employees throughout the corporate world.

An employee's attitude, energy levels, productivity, sick days, and high insurance premiums are all directly affected by their diet, physical fitness, and stress levels.  It is therefore, imperative that they be educated on incorporating healthy lifestyle changes into every day.  The Victory Rehab doctors have experience doing just that.  Click on our Corporate Wellness brochure if you feel your company or organization could benefit from our wellness programs. 

Please click on our Victory Rehab Corporate Wellness Brochure for more detailed information on the services listed.

Victory Rehab's corporate wellness services are aimed at providing Naperville and western suburban companies with the highest level of corporate wellness services.

Our Corporate Wellness Services Include:

-Lunch and Learn Series

-Weight Loss Contests / BMI & Body Fat Testing

-Massage Therapy

-Nutritional Counseling

-Total Health Screenings