Planter fasciitis is an inflammation of a piece of tissue running across the bottom of your foot, which can range from some slight pain to a stabbing sensation. This band of tissue is called the planter fascia and can be aggravated by a wide range of factors. Aspects such as shoes without proper support, not maintaining a healthy bodyweight, spending too much time on your feet daily, and running with improper form can all contribute to this painful feeling. 

How will we diagnose and treat your Planter Fasciitis?

By checking for tender areas within the foot, asking the right questions, and possibly examining x-ray results, our doctors will recommend various treatment options including tailoring physical therapy to your specific area of need. Additional aspects such as proper rest, icing techniques, muscle graston, and personalized shoe orthotics can all be supplemented along with chiropractic and physical therapy care. Through a combination of multiple types of treatment, we hope to quickly diminish your pain and stave future pain away. 

What to do next?

Dealing with planter fasciitis can be a highly unpleasant experience, but receiving proper treatment and gaining knowledge can be life-changing. If you or someone you know is experiencing foot pain set up an appointment today to schedule one of our experienced chiropractors to perform a functional examination in order to see if your personal case could benefit from chiropractic care and rehabilitation at Victory Rehab!