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Shoulder pain can be anything but comfortable. Understanding what exactly is causing this pain and discomfort is important in preventing further damage. Shoulder impingement is one of the most common causes of pain in the shoulder. Also known as an overuse syndrome. The shoulder is made up of tendons (fibrous tissue that connect muscle to bone), muscle, and bone. When these tendons become irritated, an abundance of blood is naturally sent to the area, causing inflammation. This inflammation causes the shoulder bone to rub up against these tendons.  

Overuse and lack of rest increases fluid build up, impingement pain, thickening of structure and scar tissue. Shoulder impingement can lead to a chronic condition. With that being the case, chiropractic treatment is very important.


Causes & Symptoms

Overhead activity of the shoulder is a leading cause of impingement. Examples include lifting, painting, swimming, tennis, etc.

Typical shoulder impingement symptoms include shoulder weakness, pain with overhead use of the arm, difficulty reaching up behind back, pain with lying on sore shoulder and shoulder pain while at rest.


  1. Set up an appointment with Victory Rehab for a consultation.

  2. Identify the issue - The doctors at Victory Rehab will complete a full exam and provide a diagnosis.

  3. Treatment plan - At Victory Rehab our goal is to provide long term relief. Chiropractic care for shoulder impingement may include soft tissue work, massage techniques, exercise and strengthening therapy.