First Visit Video

In this video Naperville chiropractor Dr. Chris Kessler describes a new patient visit at the Victory Rehab clinic. To make an appointment to see either Dr. Chris or Dr. Tom at their chiropractic clinic in Naperville,

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Your first visit at the Victory Rehab Chiropractic Clinic


During your first visit to Victory Rehab you will receive a personal, comprehensive consultation and exam.   An examination at Victory Rehab includes, but is not limited to, range of motion testing, neurological testing, muscle testing, functional examination, as well as X-ray studies when necessary.

You are our patient.  We value that relationship!!  We take great pride in being extremely thorough when treating our patients and in fully understanding each and every concern.  We focus on these two points - isolating the problem and determining the proper course of action.  We will then clarify how we will help you achieve victory!

- Dr. Chris & Dr. Tom