At our Victory Rehab clinic in Naperville we treat many low back pain cases, and due to their interaction with one another that translates to treating many patients with hip pain as well.  "Hip" is a general term typically referring to where your femoral head inserts into the acetabulum of your pelvis.   Our hips are very strong and stable joints, one of the most stable joints in the body in fact.  However, the hip is one of the most commonly replaced joints in the human body.  The reason for this a lot of times is due to how the muscles around the joint can become tight in some areas and weak in others causing the joint to wear unevenly.  This uneven wear of the joint causes premature osteoarthritis of the joint and in the worse cases will cause labral tears or worse yet full hip replacements.


One of the most common things we see at our Naperville chiropractic clinic is hip pain.  Often times hip pain will also manifest with low back discomfort.  This is due to our pelvic bowl and sacrum acting as the foundation for which our lower back sits on top of.  It stands to reason that if the foundation isn't functioning at 100% it is only a matter of time before we see a similar breakdown in our lower back.

As chiropractors we not only try to identify a tissue of origin (what is causing the pain), we also try to ask the question "why is problem occurring in the first place?" or "where is the breakdown occurring".  Through very thorough and comprehensive chiropractic examinations we can determine whether or not an individual with hip pain is a good chiropractic candidate.  Since there are so many muscles that cross over or attach to and around the hip this can be a complex task.  Our chiropractic examinations are functional based, looking at muscle patterns and movements to see where dysfunction is occurring.

If you are someone who lives in the Naperville area and are experiencing hip or low back pain. CLICK HERE to see if one of our experienced chiropractors can help.

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